About Manitoba ASCD


Manitoba ASCD is a community of learners committed to enhancing teaching, learning, and leadership by reflecting on current educational research, by engaging in various forms of professional learning, and by providing a forum for non-partisan dialogue about education.


Manitoba ASCD is a highly visible and respected educational organization responsive to the needs of its membership. Valued for its non-partisan voice on issues of teaching, learning, and leadership; Manitoba ASCD engages a large, diverse membership in quality professional learning.

We are an intricately connected organization providing regular, frequent forums and networking opportunities to support professional growth at all levels of the educational community.


Manitoba ASCD Believes:

  • The individual has intrinsic worth.
  • All people have the ability and the need to learn as well as the capacity to learn.
  • A safe and caring environment that supports risk-taking and innovation is essential for learning.
  • Diversity should be honoured, protected, and promoted.
  • A high quality, inclusive system of education is important for society to flourish.
  • Society is strengthened when people work together for the greater good

Manitoba ASCD