Manitoba ASCD is pleased to announce:

Our 2018-2019 workshop series of amazing presenters will be posted soon.





Notice regarding your membership fees for Manitoba ASCD:

 We wish to inform all our members that at the August 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors for Manitoba ASCD, a decision was made to eliminate our $30 annual membership fee. This is for Manitoba ASCD only, not for our parent group, ASCD International.

This decision was based on our belief that all those who are supportive of our organization, and / or who have attended at least one workshop over the past few years are entitled to have a complimentary Manitoba ASCD membership. We are aiming to be more inclusive and affordable to educators in Manitoba, who will all now all be considered 'members' and will pay a flat registration fee for all our upcoming professional development sessions.

Refunds to those who have paid their membership fees this school year will be refunded as they are received.

We hope each educator views this change of practice positively and ask that you continue to support Manitoba ASCD as you have in past, mainly through attending our various professional development events.

Best wishes for continued success in striving towards your professional growth goals! We anticipate being a part of your learning process.

 Cheryl Chaban
 Executive Director,
Manitoba ASCD

On behalf of the Board of Directors